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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a pay-per-click advertising program. Approved web publishers are provided with a small script to incorporate into their webpages. GoogleBot (Google's internet crawler) analyzes each page that includes the script and determines appropriate text ads to serve. The advertisements tend to be effective because they are usually relevant to the content of the webpage; for example it is likely that the AdSense ads on the right of this page are related to the content of this page. Check out this article for more information regarding Google AdSense.

What types of charts do you offer?

  • Earnings: Our earnings chart is is based directly on the data supplied in the AdSense Report.
  • Clickthru rate: This represents the percentage of page visitors that actually click on an AdSense ad on one of your pages.
  • Earnings per click: The values for this chart are determined by dividing earnings for the day by the number of clicks for that day.
  • Number of clicks: This chart represents the number of times ads were actually clicked on your site. Google uses an algorithm to verify clickthrus in an effort to prevent fraudulent clicking.
  • Earnings per impression: This is another statistic that is not provided directly in Google's AdSense reports. The earnings per impression chart illustrates the average amount of money that your site generates per page impression. This result is determined by dividing daily earnings by daily page impressions.
  • Number of page impressions: The page impressions chart highlights the number of times that pages with AdSense ad code are displayed for your site's visitors. Note that according to Google, robot/spider traffic does not count toward page impressions; so even if you have AdSense ads on every page, the result may not match your website statistics because not all page accesses are counted.
  • Earnings by day of week: Some sites may see variations by day of the week. Depending on the nature of your site(s), you may notice fluctuations between earnings generated on weekends and weekdays; business-related sites, for example, tend to perform better during the business week whereas entertainment sites may do well on nights and weekends. If your site has international appeal, your results may be more consistent since someone somewhere is accessing your content.
  • Earnings by day of month: This chart is similar to the average by day of week but it illustrates the average earnings by day of the month. The earnings by day of the month chart is most effective when you paste relatively large data sets (three months or more).
  • Other statistics: This is the repository of all sorts of other data that we can cull from your AdSense results. The information is presented in a table (as opposed to a chart), but you can still discover some great insights here such as relationship between weekend and weekday earnings, and annual extrapolations.

How can I see all of the charts that you offer without first pasting my data?

If you would like to explore all of our charts before pasting your data, we have created a random AdSense data set that you can use to paste into the box on the homepage. The data in the random data set is completely fabricated and any resemblance of the data to actual Google AdSense results data is purely coincidental.

Why is some of my data not being included in a chart?

There are two possible reasons for this. First, if some rows of your data are incomplete, then our system will ignore them. Also, the maximum number of days to analyze is 180; if you are pasting large amounts of data, only the most recent 180 days will be included in the charts.

What is a moving average?

A moving average allows you to notice trends in your data. AdSenseCharts uses a 7-day moving average to help negate the fluctuations between days of the week. The moving average is presented on the chart as a bright line on top of the bars; it is calculated by taking the sum of the most recent seven day's results and dividing by seven.

Why are the moving averages not showing up?

Our moving average is set for seven days, so therefore you must paste at least seven days of information to benefit from this feature.

Why isn't the data in my AdSense reports being updated frequently?

Sometimes AdSense Data doesn't seem to be updated regularly. If you get in the habit of checking every ten minutes (we've been guilty of that sometimes), you should probably try to find a hobby or develop more content for your site. But if your data isn't being updated at reasonable levels, it may be due to your ISP caching the page to lower the amount of bandwidth they serve. So even if you click on the refresh button, you are just getting your ISP's cache of the page.

How can I bypass the cache? The solution is simple: set a different date range. The alternative date range, sends a different request to the server, and your ISP won't have a cache of that unique request. For example, set your request for the last 8 days; later, select the last 9 days etc.

Does use of comply with the Google AdSense Terms of Service (TOS)?

We have designed this site to be in compliance with the AdSense Terms of Service. According to condition number 8, publishers are not allowed to disclose their AdSense reports data. Any data that you submit to is not made available to anyone other than yourself. The data is encrypted and temporarily stored in a directory that is automatically deleted. We use this temporary directory so that you can navigate among the various charts without having to re-input your data.

What do I do if I have a question that isn't answered here?

If you would like to contact us with comments, feature requests, suggestions, press inquires or anything else, please use the following address (the address is obscured to make it difficult for webcrawlers to harvest our address for spam-lists):

If you receive an error message using our charting service, you can notify us of the error, but DO NOT email us your data - we don't want to see it, and disclosing your data is a violation of the Google AdSense Terms of Service.

Who is behind

We are web publishers who use and love the Google AdSense program but we are not affiliated with Google in any other way. We believe that Google and the AdSense program has the potential of reviving some of the luster of the internet's early days. With AdSense, great content is rewarded and publishers can recoup some or all of the expenses associated with their sites. was developed out of our own need to keep a pulse on the success of our AdSense ad placements. Sure you can copy and paste the data into a spreadsheet, but we are sure that you'll find that makes the process much easier - just a ctrl-A, ctrl-C and a ctrl-V!

What is your privacy policy?

We firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone. Our scripts generate charts from your pasted data but we do not have access to your inputs. The only other information that we collect from our users is aggregate traffic analysis; that is, we monitor how many people visit our site, when they visit our site etc.

What are the Terms and Conditions for use of AdSenseCharts?

AdSenseCharts services are provided "as is" with no warranties whatsoever; use of our services is entirely at your own risk. Although we are users of the Google AdSense program, we are not affiliated with Google in any other way.

Free charts based on your
Google AdSense Reports
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