Free charts based on your
Google AdSense Reports
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Creating FREE AdSense Charts is easy...

  • Simply login to your AdSense Reports page
  • select the data you would like to analyze
  • ctrl-A - 'select-all' to highlight the entire AdSense page
  • ctrl-C - 'copy' the highlighted AdSense data
  • ctrl-V - 'paste' your data into the box below
sample adsense chart
sample chart generated with fictitious data

Paste your channel data in any language!

Our system accepts data in: Danish, Dutch, US English, UK English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish

About the Free Charts

We have designed our charts to best assist you in analyzing your AdSense data. Charts include: total earnings, clickthru-rate, earnings per click, number of clicks, earnings per impression, number of page impressions, earnings by day of week and earnings by day of month. Most of our charts include 7-day moving averages which allow you to spot trends within your results. We also offer a statistics table that provides interesting insights such as extrapolations and performance records. For more information, please visit our FAQ, take a look at a sample chart or copy and paste our random AdSense data set to explore the informative charts that we offer.

A Note about the AdSense Terms of Service

We respect Google's Terms of Service and we have developed this site with their policies in mind. Any data submitted above is not made available to anyone other than yourself. To allow our users to move from chart to chart within our site, submitted data is encrypted in a temporary directory; the encrypted contents of this directory are automatically deleted.

Free charts based on your
Google AdSense Reports
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